About the Mother Daughter team…

Nicole resides in the suburbs of Minneapolis with her husband and lovely girls. Her friends describe her as being authentic, fashionable, classy, creative, driven, and above all genuine and kind.  Raised in a southern Minnesota, she has the heart and work ethic of a small town gal with a creative eye for fashion and detail.  She truly has a love for helping others feel great and a belief that being practical and feeling glamorous can exist in the same place!  She credits her early developed fashion sense from her mother and business partner, Jodi.

Jodi resides in rural Minnesota with her husband.  She is a small town trend setter often times sought out by family and friends to stylize their life.  When she is not styling clients and, Jodi enjoys learning about green and healthy living and can be found diffusing essential oils or getting ready to try the latest health trend.  Jodi's friends describe her as stylish, loyal, trustworthy, patient, and kind.

Jodi, Our Chief Stylist

Jodi joined our team in 2017 as we moved our focus to helping size 10+ women love how they feel in their clothing, accessories, and shoes.  Jodi worked in the beauty and retail industry where she had the opportunity to help women feel great and confident from the inside out.  Being a size 10+ her entire life and understanding the frustrations of finding clothes that fit and flatter her frame, Jodi developed an eye for curating and creating high quality outfits that look fabulous and feel great at any size!  Due to her farm town upbringing in the heart of rural Minnesota and her frugalista nature, Jodi can spot a deal like no other and is known for curating high quality high end outfits at amazing prices.  She is also passionate about living a green, healthy and holistic lifestyle.  Nicole credits her early developed sense of style and fashion to Jodi's influence.


Nicole, Our Founder & Chief Creator

Nicole is a Minneapolis based Entrepreneur, Image Coach, and Professional Brand Expert.  She founded Locally Styled in 2016, and as she was helping clients redo their closets and wardrobes, Nicole quickly realized women who consider themselves to be average dressers and not a size 2, 4, or 6 were craving access to style help and inspiration for their personal and career life.  She quickly became known for her innate ability to build and create practical, versatile and stylish wardrobes to fit her client's personal and career life.  

Nicole believes one’s personal style is an expression of their inner beauty and personality.  Nicole’s practical and down to earth nature shine a little light and fun on that daily task of getting ready!   And, because she has had her own struggles finding fashion for her 6’0” tall frame, she also offers much fashion advice and humor for the tall beauties as well.
With her background in the recruiting and talent industry, Nicole also operates Nicole Borrell Consulting where she focuses on coaching women to refine and build their professional brand from the inside out.  She created Whether you are here to browse and gain new ideas, take a look at our DIY Style Guides, or find out if our Services are right for you, we hope you walk away more stylish and most importantly more confident in how you look and feel.

Nicole is Personal Image Consultant Certified by the Studio for Image Professionals.


Nicole is a Minneapolis based Entrepreneur, Image Coach, and Professional Brand Expert.  As a business owner and previously a top Talent Acquisition Leader for a well known lifestyle brand, Nicole knows first hand the important role a polished image and authentic style can play in an individual’s overall career trajectory. She spent nearly 12 years of her career interviewing, hiring, and coaching women and men in various careers and industries. She was at the forefront of first meetings, first interviews, and first impressions. Her clients describe her as authentic, classy, creative, driven, and kind. She has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of image frustrations and help take her client’s professional brand to a new and exciting level!  Nicole is a certified image consultant with strong leadership experience and a strong business acumen. She has a passion for tying personal goals to business results and coaches individuals to show up as their very best self.
Whether you are here to browse and gain new ideas, take a look at our DIY Style Guides, or find out if our services are right for you, we hope you walk away more stylish and most importantly more confident in how you look and feel.

“Having someone come into your closet can be an intimidating thing – especially when you know you have some wardrobe work to do! But Nicole made the process so fun and was so supportive! She helped me walk through the items I had, helped me purge what I no longer needed and suggested pieces that would round out my closet. Even a few months later, I am in awe of how I can walk into my closet and feel good about what I grab.” - Jaime, Corporate Manager
"Since working with Nicole, I now start each day with a simplified and organized closet that contains pieces that I look and feel great in. I’ve gained the knowledge and the confidence on how to use all of the items in my closet to assemble stylish outfits. And I receive regular complements on what I’m wearing and that feels great! I was one of those people with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.  I don’t feel that way after having worked with Nicole.  Ironically, we started by eliminating clothes from my closet.  She then helped me to identify what essential pieces I was missing and helped me select those pieces – thoughtfully considering the brands and cut/fit/color of clothes that look best on me. The styling session brought everything together for me.  Nicole assembled nearly 30 outfits including jewelry, belts and shoes!  She showed me how to dress up or down each outfit for different occasions and I snapped photos to reference when needed.  One particularly helpful aspect of my styling session was when I showed Nicole garments that I love, but couldn’t quite figure out how to work them into an outfit so they hung unworn in my closet.  She easily took each piece and showed me multiple ways they could be worn. Nicole is a true professional.  Working with her was a very pleasant and relaxing experience.  She was so encouraging and educational and I highly recommend her services." - Joy, Consultant